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Weekly Round Up: October 23, 2020

Who knew these would quickly become my favorite posts of the week? I am already loving rounding up my favorite finds of the week so much that I am writing this early and scheduling it for Friday (as promised). In the Weekly Round Up posts I share “roundups” of great content I have consumed that week and/or things I have been loving (products, etc.) This week it's all about content.


Deaf U on Netflix

Watch the trailer here.

As someone who studied American Sign Language (ASL) for 5 years in college and has visited Gallaudet University in Washington, DC. this show was extremely bingable and interesting. There are 8 episodes and each one is around 20 minutes so can watch the entire first season rather quickly. Deaf U follows a group of students attending Gallaudet University, a private college catering to the deaf and hard of hearing. And if you haven't heard of Gallaudet before, maybe you should look into that also.


GQ article: The Making (and Remaking) of Timothée Chalamet

Bonus behind the scenes video.

The article itself it quite lengthy so it may take you a few passes unless you have some time, but it's 100% worth the read. The article focuses on the young American actor trying to "figure himself out as both a young actor and a young person in the unceasing spotlight."

I don't even really know how to sum up the entire article for you but it covers some of the films he's been in, some actors he knows, but more important it talks about him as a young actor and where he is in his life and what he hopes for the future and how he wants to get there.


GQ article: Inspiring Tales of 5 Creative People Who Actually Stuck With Their Pandemic Hobbies

This is the inspiring story everyone needs to read. Raise your hand if you started a new hobby during lockdown... Ok, now raise your hand if you stuck with it...

This article reveals the story of five already creative people who picked up a new hobby during the pandemic and stuck with it. It reveals comedian & writer, Demi Adejuyigbe's new hobby of painting, rapper Juvenile's new hobby of furniture making, and more. It goes to prove that practice does make perfect, and that taking up a new hobby maybe isn't such a bad idea.


The New York Times article: Don't Shame Your Neighbors

Another COVID-19 article that sparked my interest, that reminded me a lot of the cancel culture I see on social media, but on a larger scale. The articles focuses on wearing or not wearing masks and how, "Angry people posted pictures on social media of mask less crowds frolicking in parks without any social distancing." It offered some research based conclusions that said, "One lesson here is that empathy works as well as shame in the short term, and works far better over the long term — at least, if your goal is a stable democracy with citizens who trust one another." It's an opinion piece that leaves the reader weighing in on the topic. Let me know what you think about this in the comments.


The New York Times article: A ‘Perfect’ Chocolate Chip Cookie, and the Chef Who Created It

These cookies look like something out of a fantasy am I right? Well I can't wait to give these a try (recipe below), but the article talking about British pastry chef Ravneet Gill and her determination to perfecting the recipe.

Plus who isn't searching for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe?

recipe here