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Weekly Round Up: October 16, 2020

Welcome to a new sort of post on the blog, the Weekly Round Up. I will be writing these Weekly Round Up posts as I have fun things to share with you, but they will always be posted on Fridays. Regular posts are scheduled for Tuesdays and Thursdays if you haven't caught on to the new trend yet. In the Weekly Round Up posts I will essentially share “roundups” of great content I have consumed that week and/or things I have been loving (products, etc.) Let me know what you think about this semiregular post idea and share your roundup with me in the comments.


Generation Agoraphobia article

This article was posted in the New York Times today, so not many of you may have run across it yet, but it's 100% worth the read. It tells the very real story of Odyscea Kian and her 8 year-old son Roman and other families that are struggling to understand how their child went from being a happy go lucky child who loved to play outside with friends to someone who is scared to go outside because of COVID and the message that the safest place to be is home. I am not teaching this year, but I was when things start closing down in March and I can tell you it was so sad seeing children just four and five years old actually nervous and scared about what was happening. If you or your children are finding it difficult leaving the house this article might be just what you need.


Magic Potion tea from David's Tea

Y'all this tea is SO good! I have been on a huge hot tea kick ever since my book club did a sip & share beverage exchange last month and my go to place for delicious, flavorful teas is David's Tea. I especially love their special limited editions teas. I adored their sweet potato pie tea which sold out so fast! Now I am obsessed with this magic potion tea (part of their Halloween selection), which reminds me I need to reorder ASAP.

How it tastes

Sweet and juicy, with a nostalgic blue raspberry flavor. Pop of acidity when you add lemon.

Add a squeeze of lemon to this juicy blue raspberry infusion and watch it go from indigo to violet – no pixie dust required. The secret ingredient? Butterfly pea flower, a unique plant from Southeast Asia with naturally bright azure petals. Try it as a refreshing caffeine-free iced tea or a berry-packed nightcap. With its color-changing powers, it’s like a mood ring in your mug.

What makes it great

  • This tea changes color! Just add lemon juice and watch it go from indigo to violet.

  • Butterfly pea flowers are a Southeast Asian flower that naturally turn tea blue thanks to their azure petals.

  • Tastes amazing hot and iced.


Welcome To Story Hour: 100 Favorite Books For Young Readers

I haven't read or listened to NPR in awhile so this article is from the summer but I recently ran across it while I was doing some research for a future blog post, and I think it offers quality content. It's a list of 100 books for young readers. Check out the list and see if your favorites made the list.

Now, we understand that half the fun of a list is arguing about what didn't make it on — and our judges had to make some hard choices. But there was one easy decision: A few years ago, we did a summer list based on All Things Considered Backseat Book Club of great reads for kids from 9 to 14. This year's list is focused on younger readers, but we did include a few books for older kids. So if something appeared on the Backseat 100, we didn't include it here. That means no Charlotte's Web, no Matilda and no Little House books (though we've got some wonderful suggestions for Little House fans, like Linda Sue Park's Prairie Lotus).

No. 4

For Pete's Sake pottery

Full transparency these are way outside my budget at the moment, but wow, wow, wow how cute is literally everything on their site?! Their blue and white ceramic pumpkins are gorgeous! All the pumpkin and Halloween ceramics are almost sold out. So if you want something you better snag it fast. I definitely have my eyes glued to their Instagram for the moment they start showing Christmas stuff. I need those Christmas House and Church Lanterns.

No. 5

NintenTalk's YouTube channel

Patrick the creator of NintenTalk has been my go to source of Animal Crossing Island inspiration and commentary. He shares seasonal patterns, design ideas, villager hunts, and has created a super fun Halloween mini game on his island (DA-9848-4876-6976). If you're obsessed with Animal Crossing like I am and haven't heard of Patrick you need to click that link. You can thank me later.

So that wraps up my first Weekly Round Up post. Let me know what you thought of this and share your roundup with me in the comments.