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Weekly Round Up: November 27, 2020

November has been a crazy month. The beginning of the month I dropped my plans and went to rescue a friend who unexpectedly got herself in a pickle. Coming home after that was a bit of adjustment as it usually is when I spend time away visiting friends. Then my mother in law was taken to the ER. Long story short she was in the hospital for 4 days and I only got to see her the day she was checking in for 10 minutes. She's 87 years old so to say I was worried is the understatement of the century. Then just as she was released and finally able to go home we found out her roommate had been exposed to COVID-19. So after rounds of testing and the doctor assurances that it was minimal exposure we proceeded with slightly altered Thanksgiving plans. And now here I am... So yeah, November has been a crazy month and I'm not expecting December to be any less crazy, but hopefully it's more of a festive crazy than November was.

In the Weekly Round Up posts I will essentially share “roundups” of great content I have consumed that week and/or things I have been loving (products, etc.) Let's get started!


Hallmark Channel Schedule

I love watching the Hallmark Channel, but more so this time of year than any other. If you're trying to find which movie is on or look ahead to plan what you want to watch and when this easy to navigate tool is your friend. Let me know if you like watching this holiday movies as much as I do.


100 Notable Books of 2020

My friend Jini actually found this and shared it with me. I was blown away at this list simply because I haven't read a single book on the list and most I hadn't even heard of. And I think it's rather interesting that the books on this list are not the same as the ones you'll find on the Goodreads choice awards list.


Macy's Thanksgiving Parade parade 2020

Yesterday was the first year in a long time I wasn't glued to the couch watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. I had Animal Crossing duties to attend to and cooking to do, but I did record it! I knew way ahead of time that the parade was going to be different this year, all of 2020 has been different. If you missed it and want an insider scoop what things actually turned out like this is the article for you.


Self Care Gift Guide

Self care is the way to go this holiday season. Treat your friends and family to a purifying aroma or some snazzy soap. You might even want to add these to your own wish list this holiday season. And if this list doesn't strike the perfect gift giving chord maybe one of the other curated gift guides will.


Talk Bookish to Me podcast

In case you didn't know my friend Jacqueline and I have our very own podcast! We started it back in September and we've been posting bi-weekly episodes ever since. Earlier this week on Monday (our episodes drop every other Monday) we posted our Thanksgiving episode, Books We're Thankful For & Our End of the Year TBRs and I can't stop listening to it myself. It's a great episode! We chatted about books and life bits we're thankful for and of course shared our end of the year TBR's, but the best part was when we started chatting about sourdough starter and bourbon balls and all things holiday related. Jacqueline's friendship means the world to me and when I am missing her I turn on an episode and I feel like we're right back in the same room chatting with a glass of wine in our hand. It's the best! So if you're missing your best friend this holiday season tune in to one of our episodes and chill with us instead.