• gwen

November Bucket List - 6 ideas to hold you over until Christmas

Ahh November that sneaky month in between Halloween and Christmas. What to do? What to do? Never fear I have 6 ideas to hold you over until Christmas. These are all stay at home activities because at least where I live we're still social distancing and staying home as much as possible. I don't start decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving dinner, but maybe you do. Let me know when you like to put up your Christmas tree.

Activity #1

November is the perfect time to start a new hobby, especially an indoors one. Try knitting, sewing, weaving, painting, woodworking, etc. If you need some inspiration don't forget that article I shared a few weeks ago about people who took up a new hobby during quarantine and kept at it. They're making masterpieces now and if you stick with it maybe you can too.

Activity #2

Watch all the movies and binge all the new shows on Netflix or Hulu. I don't think I'll ever get through my watch later list, but maybe you can. Set aside a rainy day or an afternoon to curl up and watch an old favorite or start something new. I'd recommend The Queen's Gambit on Netflix for starters.

Activity #3

Start or finish a puzzle. They are super calming and meditative. Turn on an audiobook or some music and get to solving. So many options too. I recently got this Friends one.

Activity #4

Catch up on your TBR. Pick some books you'd like to read and make it happen. Try audiobooks too. If you sign up for Scribd using this link you can get 2 months for free!

Activity #5

Declutter and organize your closet or any other area of your living space you've been neglecting. Having a fresh start always feels nice. It's especially satisfying taking before & after photos. My friend and I have challenged each other with certain areas and we made it into a game. If you know your friend needs some motivation challenge them to send before & after photos and see who does the best job. As a bonus you can steal their ideas.

Activity #6

Try a new recipe. Whether you like to bake or cook this is the perfect practice for Thanksgiving day. Dig through your cookbooks and see which recipes you'd like to tackle. Or head to Pinterest as I like to do. You could also call a relative to get a special family recipe and try your hand at that. Whatever you decide to make the best part is the taste test at the end.